Pedicure Designs 2020

There are two integral parts of a girl’s self-care, they are manicure and pedicure. Pedicure means not only beautiful legs but also it is the health of the nail plate and the prevention of fungal diseases. There are a lot of pedicure specialists, so due to this, it is not a problem to make pedicure. But to choose an interesting design is more difficult. We have taken the best pedicure ideas of 2020. Nail specialists all over the world share their most successful photos of the pedicure and we are going to present them to you.

2020 has prepared innovations in the pedicure field that any fashionable women will like. So, the best pedicure designs of 2020 are:

  • The French pedicure - is the most elegant and succinct. This year French pedicure can be not only white or nude but also colored. And do not think that a colored pedicure is appropriate only in the warm season, nail specialists offer a variety of designs and a great number of colors and techniques, which can be applied in the "gray" seasons.
  • Colorblock pedicure, sweet bloom, rubbing, gradient.
  • Brilliant pedicure - kamifubuki, glitter, and rhinestones in combination with pastel or colored base, but the main trend of this pedicure type is foil.
  • Geometrical patterns - fashion pedicure 2020 keeps on pleasing supporters of broken lines, wrong geometric shapes, abstractions, nets, etc.
  • The nude pedicure has already become a classic. The delicate monochrome coating will be appropriate for any occasion and will suit absolutely any girl.
  • Holographic pedicure or "gasoline stains" is the foot nail design for those who are used to being bright, bold, and eye-catching for others.
  • The drawings are as relevant as ever. Pedicure with flowers, fruits, letters, waves, animal prints will be a worthy decoration of your nails. 

Pedicure 2020 makes its own rules in choosing both color and enamel. So this season will be rich in lavender, purple, blue, pistachio, emerald green, pink and gold shades. Dark enamels still look great, including black and dark blue, as well as conservatively white.

Anyway, whatever pedicure design you would choose, the first place will always be taken by nail health. Don’t neglect to use warm baths, oils, and strengthening gels. Remember, any pedicure will be beautiful on beautiful nails!