Purple Manicure with Design

A manicure in violet tones is a trendy one and will likely stay for a long time, even if it is not one of your favorite colors. Such shade is suitable for designs, coated nails with the most delicate pastel of lilac color or deep eggplant one. It mesmerizes, intrigues, and beckons. We have collected the best photos of violet nail design, so you can see for yourself the successful combination and certainly try it on your hands.

An Ultimate Manicure You Have Always Dreamt About

In a burst of being loved and admired, ladies pay attention to tiny details of their appearance. The special mention is devoted to nails. Our task is to meet female customers’ expectations in full scope. The Lovelyday.Today studio makes a specialty out of creative and qualitative nail art women would like to see on their gorgeous hands. We provide an opportunity to choose the master and the nail design from a big variety of stylish variants.

The Hot-Topic Styling – Nail Design 2020 for You

The latest fashions for your pretty hands are always in our catalogs. Our team watches for nail art design trends to show the real beauty and tenderness to the world. Everything is possible with our nail fairies. We will advise you on the most attractive novelties and turn into reality your sacred design ideas.

French nails, bedazzles, matte coating, and marble elements are among favorites of our most wonderful female clients. If you want to be the most fashionable this season, check out the fresh-angle insights for nails 2020:

  • Lacquering effect – the sure-fire choice for parties;

  • Gradient ombre both for delicate colors and acidic-design lovers;

  • “Negative space” technique for extraordinary visual fonts;

  • Dark French – new approach to the classics of the nail genre.

Any color, any nail shape and length, and any decoration elements are available. Impress everyone with bright red almond-shaped nails or choose the sore-colored elegant pinkish design for oval ones. Stay absolutely pleased with the experimental violet sharp manicure accompanied by cat’s-eye effect.

Lovelyday.Today is your reliable assistant in ardency to be superlatively good-looking! Do not wait for the appreciate moment for self-transformation – beautify with our masters!


Tips of nail specialists

Being irresistible is easy! Designer techniques and fashion ideas are displayed in a large collection of photos in our gallery, where you can choose the best manicure designs with the ability to choose a master in any city and sign up for manicure.